Best of Brazil

This page contains some of the best books, films, music, and other stuff I love about Brazil. Click on the items to purchase (when available) and help me maintain this blog.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. If you click on a product link and purchase the linked product, I get a commission that helps me maintain this blog. Although I have seen or purchased the products, I am not responsible for the opinions, quality, delivery or price of these products.


Vanessa da Mata

She has a sweet, mellow voice and usually sings about current and personal issues that affect Brazilians. Buy her album Sim.

Charlie Brown Jr

Great, raspy voice with a great tone, arrangements with a twist of rap, occasional reggae and other wonders. This band is not afraid of mixing to make it work. In my opinion, one of the best rock bands in the world. Buy the Acoustic MTV Album


My daughter´s favourite and mine, too. She has a sweet, contemporary voice that just keeps you dreaming. Buy her album Céu.

Maria Gadú

Her musical arrangements are fresh and mesmerizing and her voice is just right, a perfect balance between the music and the voice. Buy her album Guela or one of her tracks (digital).


Quanto vale ou é por quilo

One of the best films/documentaries I´ve seen, like ever. Directed by Sergio Bianchi basically shows the massive contradictions between anthropology and actually helping the “poor”. The sarcasm and irony of the film makes it unique and almost funny. Just watch it…. Buy Quanto vale ou é por quilo.

Bus 174

The amazing documentary film José Padilha, the genius who directed Elite Squad and Garapa and the film. It tells the true story of the boy who later hijacked the 174 bus in Rio and the tragic outcome. Impeccable acting and directing. Buy Bus 174. or here.

Charcoal People

A moving and disturbing documentary (also produced by Padilha) about charcoal extraction in the Amazon from two different perspectives. Endorsed by Amnesty International. Buy the film

Bicho de Sete Cabeças/Brainstorm

The film that made Rodrigo Santoro famous portrays the true story of a man sent to an mental institution after his father found out he smoked marijuana. I actually watched his interview on Jô Soares and was so shocked I rushed to watch the film. Reminded me a little of Midnight Express the acting was so good. Buy Brainstorm.

Cama de Gato

Most people outside of Brazil hate this film and it would not be appreciated by anyone who does not know Brazilian society (the “playboy” “filhinho de papai” concept, the sexism, chauvinism, etc.) so I advise you to watch it with an open mind. It is about a group of boys who decide to party and make a mess of it. Considered one of the most violent films of Brazilian film making because of realistic rape scene, the film has a gritty, almost depressing, and sometimes funny air to it and I never forgot it, which is rare. Buy Cama de Gato.


The chilling and perfectly acted story of mothers fighting to save their children from crack addictions. This might seem blah, but crack is an epidemic in Brazil.

Clothes Design

Goya Lopes

One of the most impressive clothes designers in Brazil.

Map to find the store in Pelourinho, Bahia


Havaianas are the world-famous Brazilian flip flops. I love them because of the different styles and colours and because they are more comfortable and less slippery than other brands. I have had some tragic accidents with other brands of flip flops. Here´s a link to buy your pair.



3 thoughts on “Best of Brazil

  1. The best of Brazil | Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!


  2. Vanessa da Mata has one of the most beautiful voices u’ll hear. Highly recommended! Great dinner party music and a nice way to introduce western friends to Brazilian music


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