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Zeca Pagodinho launches new album “Poxa”

Zeca Pagodinho is, in my opinion, the best singer of pagode/samba of Brazil. His velvet smooth, almost effortless singing coupled with his preference for good lyrics (most of his songs are written by friends) make him a much-loved singer in Brazil.

For more information on his new album visit:

One of my favorites – Maneiras

Vanessa da Mata – Listen to her new single

Listen to the new single of the album Bicicletas, Bolos e outras Alegrias at the following link:

Playground Music Festival 2010

A show with the best e-music and adrenaline toys will be held in Itu, SP in the 22nd of May, 2010.

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Vanessa da Mata

Vanessa da Mata

imagesalbums: Vanessa da Mata, Sim

Why you should buy her album: She has a sweet, soft, Sade-like voice and sings about current and personal issues that affect Brazilians. She is also a good song-writer.

Vanessa da Mata and Ben Harper

Vanessa da Mata videos on YouTube