An Open Letter To Brazil – Mark Manson

(Clique aqui para a versão em português) Dear Brazil, Carnaval is over. The “real” new year is finally beginning. And tomorrow, I will be leaving,…

Source: An Open Letter To Brazil – Mark Manson


Recommended Article – The World Cup Matters, but Brazil is the last place in the world that should host it.

I really, really recommend this fascinating article by Marcos Carvalho in ESPN FC World Cup Stories published on the Medium website. He manages to summarize just about everything that happened and is happening in Brazil and concludes with something I always insist on: we, Brazilians, must also assume the responsibility of the state our country is in. Perfect article!

The World Cup Matters, but Brazil is the last place in the world that should host it.

Review: Prejudice? Really?

An article I read the other day: Voices of Brazil, the models facing prejudice at home, from the Guardian, really bothered me and I just felt I had to write something about it, being black and all.

First of all, the author accuses Brazil of choosing a white couple to represent the country in the World Cup draw, which is downright incorrect. Brazil chose Camila Pitanga and Lázaro Ramos, two black actors, for the draw and Fifa rejected them and chose the two white models and couple, Marcelo and Fernanda.

Secondly, black models are rare anywhere in the world, Why? Because we are a minority in most countries and women find it harder to identify with women of other races and because models are chosen for other reasons, not because of colour. I mean, the world´s catwalks are not exactly abundant with Asian models, are they? People should never be forced to choose someone because they are this race or that race. That, to me, is racist.

Maybe black models have more chances outside Brazil, but it is precisely for the “tropical” look that they are chosen so being from Brazil might even be a bonus. Countries where there is a low population of black people are usually the ones who hire them the most. But again, so what?

I just wish people would stop whining about idiotic things and start acting to improve the serious things this country has to change. Picking on a country for just about everything is not going to solve anything.

There, I´ve said it.

The economy: The price is wrong | The Economist

The economy: The price is wrong | The Economist.

A great article on Brazil and its prices!

Learn Portuguese – Portuguese Language – EasyPortuguese

Learn Portuguese – Portuguese Language – EasyPortuguese.

While translating and looking for information on the correct use of “à”, I found this interesting website.

Business Regulations Across Brazil – Subnational Doing Business – World Bank Group

Business Regulations Across Brazil – Subnational Doing Business – World Bank Group.

I thought this was incredibly interesting, although a little outdated. I am sure little has changed since 2006 in terms of doing business in Brazil.