Here is a list of some of the links I have found useful while getting out and about in Brazil.

São Paulo

All the shopping areas in São Paulo are listed here:

All art and cultural events are listed here:

Interactive magazine and guide to São Paulo in four languages:

As for cheap places to stay, I found this website:

Be careful though, as some can be really sleazy. It´s not a good idea to stay in Republica, Praça da Sé or anywhere in the center of São Paulo. Always prefer places near Paulista, Paraiso, Jardins, etc.

Tour Guide Service – São Paulo

Circuito São Paulo
These people offer a great tour around São Paulo. They meet at the Bar Brahma on Avenue São João 677 at 9:30 in the morning every Saturday and Sunday, leaving at 10:00. There are three tours you can choose from, the Night Tour (no stops), the Day Tour (weekdays) stopping in the most important historical points, and the Sunday tour, which is like the Day Tour but with some pantomime with historical characters. There is also the shopping tour, to 25 de maio street and some others, on Saturdays.
The tours costs 35,00 R$ per person (kids under 10 are free).
You have to call (11) 5182 3974 two days in advance to reserve your place.
This was the cheapest tour I found. All the others are private (just you on the bus) and cost more than 250 reais. It´s always a lot more fun to go with other people!

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