Time Out – Brazil

Most people probably know this by now, but if you are wondering what to do in São Paulo or Rio, check out these Time Out Facebook pages (in English).

Time Out São Paulo

Time Out Rio de Janeiro



Restaurant Week Brasil – Japanese Food in São Paulo

Many types of sushi ready to eat.

Many types of sushi ready to eat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Between 03 and 16 of September, lovers of Japanese food (sushi) can go to restaurants that are participating in the Restaurant Week, in São Paulo.



You pay R$ 31,90 (lunch) and R$ 43,90 (dinner), including entrée, main dish and dessert.

Participating restaurants below:

A&C SUSHI: http://migre.me/atmz2
DHAIGO RESTAURANTE: http://migre.me/atmCm
HIDEKI SUSHI: http://migre.me/atmFi
KIBO SUSHI: http://migre.me/atmH2
NAKOMBI – VL. OLÍMPIA: http://migre.me/atmJ9
SASSÁ SUSHI: http://migre.me/atmKw
SEA HOUSE: http://migre.me/atmM3
SHINJUKU: http://migre.me/atmNe
SHINTORI: http://migre.me/atmOI
TORO SUSHI: http://migre.me/atmPT

Inflation in Argentina


As an Argentinian, I am trying to find information on the real state of Argentina in terms of inflation, etc. If you are interested and speak Spanish, this website offers some very reliable and interesting information on inflation in Argentina.

It was created by a group of economists who check the price of food in the same supermarkets every day and then display the information on very simple-to-read graphs.

This week (May 28th, 2012), some food items went up 8-10% and annual inflation of food and drink is 23,1%.

Unforgettable Brazil – Brasil Imperdível – Travel Blog

Brasil Imperdível – Descubra, Participe, Acompanhe..

I found this AMAZING website for travelling around Brazil. It has a Spanish and English version and some incredible photographs. The website also offers prizes and great articles.


The History of São Paulo (in Portuguese)

For those of you who speak Portuguese (or are learning), here is a trio of videos on the history of the city of São Paulo.

Restaurant Week Brazil 2011 Edition!!!

For those of you who love eating out, there will be another Restaurant Week Brazil coming shortly in all major Brazilian cities. Restaurant week is a 7-day restaurant discount event (or whatever) during which you can eat out in great restaurants for amazingly low prices.

Click here to visit the Restaurant Week webpage, choose your city and ENJOY!

It will be from the 08/08 in Goiania, 15/08 in Salvador, 22/08 in Belo Horizonte and 05/09 in São Paulo, among other cities.


Check out the Restuarant Week Brasil Facebook page for more details.

Death Squads (article)

Interesting article on Death Squads in Brazil.