Time Out – Brazil

Most people probably know this by now, but if you are wondering what to do in São Paulo or Rio, check out these Time Out Facebook pages (in English).

Time Out São Paulo

Time Out Rio de Janeiro



Brazilian Films – Full – YouTube Channel

Filmes Brasileiros Completos! – YouTube.

Fancy watching some Brazilian films for free? A friend posted this link today.

Nelson Rodrigues – Homage

The website Educar para Crescer pays homage to Nelson Rodrigues, one of the best playwrights of all time, in my opinion. Nelson Rodrigues was one of the few writers (if not the only one) who always said exactly what he thought. His books and famous quotations are incredibly sharp, direct, raw and almost ruthless.

Nelson Rodrigues – Educar para Crescer.

The Favela Dance (Dança/Passinho da Favela)

Just wanted to post these videos to show the new dance the kids in the favelas have invented that I find fascinating. You rarely see new dances here that do not have heavy sexual undertones, so this one is a pleasant surprise. Of course, someone had to ruin it and call it “dança foda” but that´s another story.

Restaurant Week Brazil 2011 Edition!!!

For those of you who love eating out, there will be another Restaurant Week Brazil coming shortly in all major Brazilian cities. Restaurant week is a 7-day restaurant discount event (or whatever) during which you can eat out in great restaurants for amazingly low prices.

Click here to visit the Restaurant Week webpage, choose your city and ENJOY!

It will be from the 08/08 in Goiania, 15/08 in Salvador, 22/08 in Belo Horizonte and 05/09 in São Paulo, among other cities.


Check out the Restuarant Week Brasil Facebook page for more details.

Skol Sensation Wicked Wonderland 2011 – Brazil

Below, information on the mega party Skol Sensation Wicked Wonderland 2011 to be held in São Paulo, in the Anhembi Pavillion.

All the information was obtained from the website TocaBrasil Agenda. Although the official Skol Sensation website is graphically very nice, I didn´t find the information I wanted. If you are living overseas, it´s a good idea to enter the website to buy your ticket to the events, but the entire website is in Portuguese, sooooo. There is some information on tickets in the Global website (see footnote)

Here, some extra links from the official Skol Sensation website:
Tickets (national)
Tickets (international)
Skol Sensation Weekend (tourist packages with accommodation included)
Line Up

Now for information on the event, and prices.

Date and time: Saturday, 18th June 2011.
Doors open at 9.00pm – Show starts at 11.00pm
Show ends at 5.30am on 19th June

Arena: 170 BRL (or BRL200, when these run out), access to open areas and around the stages.
Premium: 370 BRL (or 430 BRL when these run out), access to open area, around the stages, Premium tent and  open bar (free Skol, soft drinks and water) and access to Comfort Club Premium.
Platinum: 700 BRL, access to open areas and arena, around the stages, Platinum tent, open bar, free Skol, soft drinks and long drinks, access to Comfort Club Diamond and Platinum (chill-out lounge with drinks, food not included, champagne not included)
Diamond: 1000BRL, casual dinner (don´t ask me what that means) in Villa Daslu + limobus or limousine transport (Villa Daslu to Anhembi and back), plus all the other accesses above.
Diamond by Air: 1600BRL + 500BRL arrival in helicopter (per person) and all the extras of Diamond.

50% off all tickets for students and elderly (????). No discount on the helicopter, of course.
Tickets available from 10/02 to 17/06/2011

Where to buy the tickets
1) http://www.skolsensation.com.br
2) Call Center Tickets for Fun: 4003- 5588 or 4003-6464.
3) Tickets for Fun sales points (no fees)
4) Official ticket offices:
Citibank Hall – from 10/02 to 13/06
Rua dos Jamaris, 213
Pavilhão do Anhembi – from 14/06 to 18/06
Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1.209
From 12.00pm to 20.00pm, except day of event when offices close at 3.00am

Extra charges
8% tickets purchases online or at call centers
BRL8.00 Will Call if you want to pick up your ticket on the day of the event
Fee for home delivery:
SP and RJ only – Delivery charge BRL15.00
Other cities, check Tickets for Fun

Payment Options

Points of sale, cash, credit card, debit card or 2x credit card installments·
Call center and internet, up to 2x credit card.
Daslu, credit card (2x) or debit card (only Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Air).
Maximum per person: 10 tickets
No discounts for groups
For more information, visit the Global website

José Padilha – Pure Genius

Most people know José Padilha as simply being the director of Elite Squad I and II, but I consider him a genius of the film industry, not only in Brazil. Few directors manage to capture the soul of individuals, regardless of frontiers, like he does. His characters are real, intense, convincing, likeable, detestable, intriguing but never, ever boring. His films are quick-paced documentary style bombs that keep you strapped to your seat until the very end. It´s a real pity that there is little information in English out there about him, and it´s even more of a pity that Brazilians don´t really seem to value the representative they have. Maybe it´s because he shows a side of Brazil that Brazilians themselves don´t want to see.

Padilha seems to be on a mission, and that is to express and show on film the things that upset him, like the corruption, extreme poverty and lawlessness that weighs Brazil down like a ton of Jurassic bricks. While everyone is ecstatic about the way Brazil is growing and “lifting off”, he insists on being the nagging reminder of the way life really is.

In addition to Elite Squad, films directed by Padilha include:

Garapa, a documentary about extreme poverty in Brazil. To make this documentary, he travelled to Ceará, one of Brazil´s poorest regions, and almost randomly selected families pointed out to him by local NGOs. He then filmed the daily lives of these families for a few months.

Bus 174, a documentary film about Sandro Barbosa do Nascimento, a boy who survived the Chacina of Candelaria (the massacre in which 8 street kids that slept at the steps of the Nossa Senhora da Candelaria Church in Rio were killed by a death squad, some of which were members of the police). The documentary shows the events of his life that lead to the hijacking of bus 174, where Sandro was the sole perpetrator.

Secrets of a Tribe
The field of anthropology goes under the magnifying glass in this fiery investigation of the seminal research on Yanomami Indians. In the 1960s and ’70s, a steady stream of anthropologists filed into the Amazon Basin to observe this “virgin” society untouched by modern life. Thirty years later, the events surrounding this infiltration have become a scandalous tale of academic ethics and infighting. Written by Sundance Film Festival

He next film with be “o Corruptólogo” (provisional name that means something like, ‘the expert in corruption’) about the dark goings on of the Brazilian National Congress.

He is also set to direct the remake of Robocop.

São Paulo Restaurant Week – Great meals for half the price

The São Paulo Restaurant Week lets you savour great dishes for almost half the price. Check the facebook page and website for more information (in Portuguese). Hurry because it ends on the 3rd of April.

Facebook Page São Paulo Restuarant Week



Zeca Pagodinho launches new album “Poxa”

Zeca Pagodinho is, in my opinion, the best singer of pagode/samba of Brazil. His velvet smooth, almost effortless singing coupled with his preference for good lyrics (most of his songs are written by friends) make him a much-loved singer in Brazil.

For more information on his new album visit:


One of my favorites – Maneiras