How to Travel Like a Local in Brazil by Bus

For those of you who are planning on traveling by bus to see more of Brazil, I really enjoyed the advice provided in Busbud. It´s pretty simple and straight-forward but great for a first-timer.
How to Travel Like a Local in Brazil by Bus.


Brazil Travel

I just found this really great website (well, it´s a section of with information on traveling in Brazil. Most articles and videos are posted by the travelers themselves.

Brazil Travel Blog

Travelling Vocabulary – Vocabulário para viagens

Planning on travelling to Brazil? Here is some very handy travel vocabulary.

Travelling Vocabulary – Vocabulário para viagens.

Util – Viaje bem, viaje util – Bus Tickets in Brazil

Util – Viaje bem, viaje util..


Need to travel by bus anywhere in Brazil? This is by the far the most useful website for buying bus tickets I have ever come across. Great stuff!

Rotas de Água – Water Routes


For those of you who plan on visiting rivers, waterfalls and lakes this summer.

Azul airlines sells passport

The Brazilian airline Azul is selling passports for frequent-flyers. You pay R$899 reales and can fly anywhere in Brazil for a month. The price of the passport went up considerably from the 499 of last year, but it can be a great idea if you travel for work or want to visit cities in Brazil.

You can purchase the passport from February 21 to March 05, 2010, and you can use it from March 01 to March 31, 2010. The catch is that you can´t use the passport on Saturdays and Sundays. To purchase the passport, visit

For more information on great discounts, visit Melhores Destinos (in Portuguese). You can get updates in your inbox if you subscribe.

Traveling with kids

In order for underaged children to travel/return overseas unaccompanied of accompanied by only one parent, you will need a document called “autorização de viagem para menores” (two copies) or autorização judicial (issued by the Vara da Infância e da Juventude or the Vara de Família). These documents are presented to the Federal Police (Marshal) agent at the airport, port or borders at the moment of departure/exit of Brazilian territory. One of the copies will be kept by the officer and the other will remain with the minor or guardian. These authorizations do not need MRE (Ministerio de Relações Exteriores) legalization (see Legalizing documents post)  or Consulate/Embassy legalization of the destination country unless they will subsequently be presented to the authorities of the country. In this case, the document must be signed by a notary public recognized by the MRE and then sent to the MRE or destination country consulate/embassy.

The MRE does not recommend third-party services.