Postal services: two stories

A few days ago, I decided I would never speak badly of Brazil again. I decided to live here. I mean, I could be basking in the sun beside my son in Ibiza or camping out at someone’s home in the UK or USA, but no. I decided to set up camp here and stay for good. So why should I complain…right?

My new approach is to simply tell the story as it is without conclusions, so here goes story one:

Getting a parcel from my sister

My sister sent me a parcel, a month and a half ago. It took one month to get here. For 20 of those 30 days, it was parked somewhere waiting for the customs people to decide if they would charge the 60% tax they apply to purchases over 50 USD.

Anyway. I decided to contact the Correios via their website and complain about the delay. I get a prompt response saying I have to register in something they call “Minhas Importações” or My Imports and type in my tracking number. Then I would have to pay the new 15 BRL they are charging for ALL OVERSEAS PACKAGES.

I do as ordered and pay my “fine”.  That was 14 days ago. It is still marked as “awaiting payment”…

I sent two more complaints and they insist my messages are being “processed”.

The justification for the new and totally illegal 15 BRL is they need more money to pay for the people to inspect the packages. The service is public. So we are paying for the people of a public service to go their job and it is actually less efficient than it ever was once in the distant past.

In summary, I am still waiting for my package, 42 days after it was cleared in customs.

Getting a card from the bank

My bank uses a service called Fast Courier (sense the sarcasm?). This company has untold complaints registered all over the place and their replies to customers are hysterical. Seriously. In Reclame Aqui, I had a good old laugh.

They rarely make deliveries. The reasons range from Recipient not found, to Wrong address. Some customers are suspecting the couriers never even try to deliver the goods.

I have a PO box and, according to their protocol, cards to PO boxes have to be sent via Brazilian Correios. Instead of following their own protocol, they keep “trying” to deliver the card and making up justifications.

In summary, I have been waiting for my card for…wait for it… 4 months!!!!


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