O Mechanismo, new series on the “Lava Jato” corruption case

Netflix just launched a new series on the famous and ongoing Lava Jato operation and I can tell you, it is great.

It has a very Tropa de Elite type vibe, with the protagonist telling the story in a deep voice as the story unravels, explaining all the nifty parts.

The acting is flawless and most of the characters are fictitious, according to the warning screen before every episode. With Melton Shello as a retired federal police agent who starts the whole process and Carol Abras as the one you takes over and is appointed delegada, there isn´t much that could wrong.

It is supposedly “loosely” based on the true story, but any similarities with real people are creepily believable and probably true.

Anyway, give a serious shot. It´s a great series whether you are interested in the subject or not.


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