Film Review – Dancing with the Devil (Documentary)

I decided to catch up on my Brazilian films and started off with this highly recommended video, Dancing with the Devil, a documentary on the drug war in Rio de Janeiro. There are lots of similar videos out there, but this one is slightly different because it shows the lives and stories of the member of a drug squad who fights the dealers/gunmen, a pastor and ex-dealer who provides spiritual support, and drug lords, without masks. Rare footage indeed, and almost surreal, especially the scenes of the pastor praying with armed “deputies” of a drug lord.

The lives these people lead make Rambo look like Peter Pan…

The overall message is that these people would have probably thought twice about entering the drug world if they had had more opportunities in life, like quality schooling. It sounds cliché but you almost understand why they enter it and can´t leave. What alse would they do? Who would hire these people? Most of them can´t read or write.

Another interesting fact is that they all mention God almost continuously. One side thinks that God wants them to stay alive to deal drugs, while other thinks that God wants them to catch the dealers. Almost everything is placed in the hands of God, hence the importance of the pastor. Most of the statements are loaded with huge contradictions.

I tried to find the Amazon link for this, but could not. If anyone knows the real name of this film or where to purchase it, please let me know.



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