Brazilians and priorities

I know I´ve repeated this a thousand times, but there is something wrong with Brazilians. It´s not just Brazilians, it´s Latin Americans in general. In fact, if we take a closer look, Brazilians are actually the most sensible when it comes to priorities, especially now that the entire world is watching their every move.

My complaint today, or phenomenon, is the things most Brazilians consider priority.

There is a Facebook page called Quero o Fim da Corrupção and they have created petitions for two causes: drink driving, a serious problem in Brazil, and Corruption.

On their page, they complain almost every day that people are just interested in their causes although they (people) complain about them alllll the time.

They have been asking for signatures for almost a year and cannot get past the 400 thousand mark (they need 500 thousand). The anti-corruption cause has even less. Their argument is that other idiotic causes get millions of signatures, like the Facebook page that is being sued for using the face of a famous toothpick box as their avatar, yes, you heard right: that cause got more than 1.3 million signatures in less than a week.

There are people out there who really care and really want to change the problems of Brazil, but most Brazilians really don´t care. I firmly believe this is cultural, the whole “not-thinking-like-a-nation” thing that they carry since the beginning of this country´s history, but they should have woken up by now.

I will repeat this until I die because I love this country: If you do not care, nothing will change. And when it happens to you, do not complain. The only way to create a great nation is the will-power of the people that live in it, the collective desire to be a great nation.

If you want to sign the drunk-driving petition, click here:


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