Gringa Go Home!

The other day, someone left a comment on an article I wrote about my Driving School Experience, asking why I didn´t go back to my country. This type of comment is very common (although it´s the first one I´ve received) when you are a foreigner commenting on the defects of another country, so I would like to officialize my response to the comment and to all future comments of this nature.

As a person without a fixed nationality, I do not have a “home” country. Furthermore, I firmly believe that a country is one thing and it´s people are another. Brazil is the best country in the world, although Brazilians do not seem to think so. They treat their own country with indifference and do little by way of civility. They allow their chosen governers to miseducate their children, spend all the money they pay for decent services on themselves, charge them illegal charges, unfounded charges (what is the seguro obligatório, for &*%&¨$ sake? How can that work if no one demands yearly car checks?) and mislead them election after election after election.

I was born in Latin America, as as a Latin American I know that all Latin American citizens  suffer from an intefiority complex. It´s not the country, it´s the people that have issues. The reason behind the complex is complex, but all people of these countries respond to criticism from “foreigners” in the same way. This, however, does not prevent them from criticising their own country almost 24 hours a day. So my question is always the same, when I hear people grumbling about their own country, “why don´t you do something about it”. “Why don´t you start stopping at zebra crossing to let people pass?” “Why don´t YOU pick up that litter the previous idiot dropped?” “Why don´t you abide by the law when you pay the cleaning lady?” “Why don´t you treat employees with respect?”

Many Brazilians I know would happily change their currency to US dollars, their language to English and their country to the any other country, but I would not. I am a citizen of Brazil by choice, after a 5-year battle to obtain citizenship and I have more love for this country than most Brazilians will ever have.

In my blog I do not critisize Brazil, but Brazilians, because they do not know the wonderful place they are lucky enough to call home. I came to Brazil with an open mind and I am considered very objective. Absolutely everything I write about is based on direct observation and personal experiences in Brazil. Nothing is invented or unfounded. So if you have an issue about my blog, please don´t bother leaving falsly patriotic comments and read something else.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Gringa Go Home!

  1. Hi Cipriana,
    My name is George and I’m Canadian and have been living in Belo Horizonte for the last 3 years. I’ve really recently been married and life is good, however I agree with so many points that you’ve made.
    I would like to share your blog to in a group on Facebook. It is called the BH Foreigners Network. I think many gringos will appreciate your blog and find reconciliation that they are not the only ones thinking the same thoughts. Perhaps we can find a way to create more awareness about foreign views of Brazilian culture and help them to understand that we only want them to fight for their country to make it the best that it could be.
    The problem is they can’t stand foreigners talking about their country. Its the same as if you were giving criticism about a close family member. Unfortunately that will only hold them back while trying to develop this wonderful country.
    Its a beautiful complex culture that us gringos need to have patience with and perhaps treat this issue as it was one of our family members as well in order to truly understand how the Brazilians feel.


    • Hi George.
      Thanks so much for your comment. Of course you can share my blog, and I will also become a fan of your Facebook Page. I think the Brazilians are touchy about their country because deep down they know they have to change in many ways, think as a nation, not as a close group of family members. For example, I have seen middle class mothers open their front gates and throw trash on the other side of the road. It doesn´t bother her as long as it´s somewhere else. They seem to think that if the problem is elsewhere, it is not theirs, and that makes it impossible to improve a country as a whole. Then there is the whole sociological aspect, they are emotional people as opposed to a German, who is most intellectual, or makes decisions and reacts based on the mind rather than the heart. The fact that they are emotional is one of the reasons I live here and probably one of the reasons most gringoes choose to live in Brazil, but that also means that they take absolutely everything personally. Maybe that´s why they feel it´s a family member, although I really wish they would treat their country as if it were. It´s a huge contradiction.


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