Festivity – Memorial do Imigrante

The Memorial do Imigrante will hold the 15th Festival of the Immigrant (Festa do Imigrante) from May 23rd to 30th, where visitors can get to know the different customs and cultural manifestations of the immigrants that came to São Paulo in the 19th century. Festivities include folk groups of Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Irish, Lebanese, Indian and African descent, with live dance and music performances.

Note: If you are accustomed to deep-rooted cultural manifestations, you may not be impressed by some cultural festivals held in Brazil, with the hot-dog stands and often flimsy looking costumes, but this event promises to harbour a handicraft fair and regional food from these countries.

Time: from 10h to 18h.
Location: Memorial do Imigrante  – Rua Visconde de Parnaíba, 1.316 –  Mooca
Tel: (11) 2692-1866
Entrance Fee: BRL 5,00 and  ½ for students.


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