Clube do Professor – Free cinema for teachers

In São Paulo, Rio and many other capital Brazilian cities, informal and formal (public and private) school teachers, including English schools, can join the Clube do Professor. This entitles teachers and one companion the right to a full discount on Saturdays, and a 50% discount on weekdays in some cinemas in these cities.

To join the club, ask your school to write a short letter (with company logo, address, phone, etc.) saying you work there, with signature of the director (or similar). You will also need your document. Then go to one of the following cinema theatres and request membership:

Unibanco Arteplex

Shopping Frei Caneca – Rua Frei Caneca, 569 – 3rd floor
First session, 11 a.m.
Information: Patrícia and Ivete
Tel: 011-3266-5115 – e-mail: saopaulo@

Espaço Unibanco

Rua Augusta, 1475 – Cerqueira César

First Session 12 p.m.

Information – Patricia e Ivete

Tel: 011- 3285- 3696 e-mail:

For more information and a full list of cinemas and movie options, visit:


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