Restaurant Week 1-14 March in major Brazilian cities

Restaurant Week.

Brazilian cuisine is celebrating Restaurant Week.

You pay 27,50 for an entrée, main dish and dessert in 200 of the best restaurants in Brazil (this event is also in Rio, Recife, Brasilia and Vitoria). In São Paulo the event takes place from 1-14 of March. Don´t miss it.

Participating restaurants can subscribe on the website registration page.


4 thoughts on “Restaurant Week 1-14 March in major Brazilian cities

  1. Hi, I’ve been living here in Brazil for almost 2 years, and I can’t agree with your observations about this country even more. Thanks for all the informations, they did answer some of my doubts! By the way, do you know if there are any forums where I can find other foreigners in Brazil? It will be nice if there is a place to exchange experiences & ideas. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for the comment. There are some links on the left column of my blog of other blogs written by foreigners. They all seem to know each other. You can also try The people from that website sometimes hold meet-ups in São Paulo. In their forum you´ll also find other events in other cities. Cheers.


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