Documents for buying property in Brazil

According to Brazilian law, any foreign citizen can buy urban property in Brazil without restrictions, regardless of nationality, legal or natural person, or residing in Brazil or overseas.

The CPF (Natural Persons Tax Registration Number) is mandatory for Brazilians and foreigners with goods subject to public registration and records in Brazil, including properties, cars, sea vessels, aircraft, company participation, current accounts, financial applications and capital.

To obtain the CPF foreigners must present:

  • Valid passport or RNE (foreigner ID)
  • Birth certificate translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator and authenticated in the Brazilian Consulate at the country of origin (see my post on “legalizing documents”)
  • CPF form

You can obtain the CPF at the following organs:

  • Brazilian consulates
  • Receita Federal (Revenue Office) in Brazil, before which you must go to the nearest Post Office or Banco do Brazil to fill out the form (called Ficha Cadastral de Pessoa Fí­sica). In this case, the request can be through a proxy.

If the potential buyer is married, the spouse must also obtain a CPF.



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