Why I live in Brazil

I thought it was time I actually said something good about this wonderful country. As my dad used to say, “We should talk about the bad to make it better. The good is already good.”

The other day I was teaching English to a senior executive and he asked me why I lived in Brazil as opposed to a European country or Argentina, which I have also lived in throughout my life. The answer I gave him brought tears to his eyes.

“Once I was with my son in a shopping centre in Buenos Aires. He had the irritating habit of running off in public places when I wasn´t looking. We were in the toilet and I told him to wait just outside the door of my booth, without moving a muscle. He would often comply, thinking it was funny, but this time decided not to. When I opened the already ajar door to the booth I noticed he was not there. I got desperate and ran out of the restrooms, asking people if they had seen a little boy. No one answered. They either ignored me, thinking I was crazy, or shook their heads and pushed passed me. I eventually found him unharmed, looking at a shop window just outside the restroom corridor.

I then went through the same ordeal in Salvador. The exact same thing happened (only twice, I promise). When I opened the door to the booth and shouted my son´s name, I was immediately greeted with loads of pointing fingers indicating exactly where he had gone. As I ran out of the restroom, following the trail, I immediately found my son in the arms of another mother, who was patiently waiting for this little boy´s mother to appear. “I thought it best I hold onto him until you came,” she said.

That is the reason why I live in Brazil.


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