Best Café in Florianopolis

Best Cafe in Fliorianópolis magnify
(photo of houses in Santo Antonio de Lisboa)People who know me know that I am not a fan of Florianópolis. Even the first time I went, looking for a house and planing on living there for good, I was not quite convinced.Now, after 2 years living here (4 years after the first visit) because I wanted to be closer to my familiy, I can tell you that I have not chenged my mind.

However, there is little spot I found when my mother´s friend came over for a visit. It´s a town called Santo Antonio de Lisboa, in the North of the island. There, beside the handicraft fair, seaside bars and wonderful archiceture, there is a small and rather hidden café called Santo Antonio Spaghetteria Caffe.

This place has a handicraft shop at the front full of handicraft made exclusively by the locals. You walk into the patio or into the shop and, at the back, there is another patio where the café is located. They sell the best coffee on the island (excluding the Restaurante do Francês, owned by a frenchman, in Ribeirão da Ilha, who also sells THE best coffee and a great apple pie) and the atmosphere is wonderful for chatting with friends or just reading a book. It´s one of those places you can stay for hours and noone bothers you. They also put paper and crayons on the tables for people to unleash their creative side!


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